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Validity in the Psychological Therapies - Why Love Provides a Better Benchmark Than Science Denis Postle Video, Text (not yet) The Curious Eclipse of Ethics
Guy Gladstone Video,
Council for Health Regulatory Excellence. Public meeting of the board, held at 11 The Strand, London. 13 Feb 2008. Report by Janet Low, Video 14mins, Text Principled Non-Compliance
Guy Gladstone Video,
The Man Behind Evidence Based Medicine - Archibald Leman Cochrane
Janet Low, 11 March 2008
Video 9mins, Text
Guy Gladstone Video,
The Impossible Dream: Evidence Based Psychological Therapy, Science, and the NHS Janet Low, Video, mp3, Text A Shiny Future
Guy Gladstone Video,
Love Matters, Why love is an essential ingredient of civic accountability Denis Postle
The Hamburgization of Personal Development
Denis Postle Video, mp3, Text
Love Works, Part 1 Introducing the Independent Practioners Network [IPN ] a demonstration of ethically congruent civic accountability
Video, Denis Postle

Love Works, Part 2 Introducing the Independent Practioners Network [IPN ]
Some practical details of the IPN Culture,
Video, Denis Postle

Next Steps to Happiness Denis Postle
Video, mp3, Text
Ideology and the NHS: the Perversion of Science, Practice, and Policy. Comments on a conference held at the Savoy Conference Centre, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2007. Janet Low, Video 15mins, text The Dogs That Didn't Bark
Denis Postle Video, mp3, Text
Conversations with Charles Layton
The State regulated Mind
Denis Postle
Video, mp3,
Make-over Madness
Denis Postle
Video, mp3,
The Sav**oy Declaration
Denis Postle
Video, mp3,
INTEGRITY? a comic parody of web pages that argue state regulation of psychotherapy via the Health Professions Council is a great idea.
All I have is a voice to undo the folded lie.
W.H. Auden
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The Huge Mistake of state regulation of the psychological therapies is increasingly engaging the attention of the ethically challenged accrediting bodies. As a prompt for their lack of ethical awareness, eIpnosis adds to the debate about SR, eight videos from two new voices; Guy Gladstone of the Open Centre, a humanistic psychology practitioner with 24 years experience, and Janet Low, a psychoanalyst.