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Here at eIpnosis we have shifted attention away from state regulation of the psychological therapies to researching the possibilities and opportunities for post professional and post-regulation forms of psychopractice, check this out here
Check here for updates on current civic accountability developments

Shadow Health Minister Anne Milton MP called a convention of counselling and psychotherapy stakeholders Westminster Hall November 2nd 2009
Where the Story Ends -Statutory Rogue-ulation
an eIpnosis account by Denis Postle

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Psychological therapies, regulation of,
Government reverses policy - from centralised control to pluralism
eIpnosis review

Health and Social Care Bill January 19, 2011
Psychological therapies, regulation of,
The Thick Plottens
First impressions of the new regulatory landscape

Final PLG Meeting
February 2nd
Key decisions delegated to HPC Council
eIpnosis report

The Health Professions Council faces a Judicial Review of their failure to observe due process in their approach to regulating counselling and psychotherapy
Game, Set... and Match?
The Realities and Inequities of Positional Power
eIpnosis editorial Word .doc .mp3

November 3 2010

Righteous Regulation?

The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence [CHRE] began promoting its now privatized services yesterday (in the House of Lords). Will the psychological therapies ask them in? Read here a detailed outline of how the CHRE sees Right Regulation...
...and more here on roles and responsibilities.
Keep in mind that all this is a pitch for paid regulatory business!

See also Janet Low visits a Council meeting of the CHRE video, 14 mins.

October 19th HPC Professional Liaison Group [PLG] meeting.

The meeting featured input from a resuscitated Psychological Professions Action Group [PPAG], (readers may recall that a previous version fell apart in 2008 when the BPS defected to the HPC) The PPAG is a trade association grouping that appears to include the UKCP, BACP, BCP, CPCAB and BABCP. They had produced a document...

An Education in Misconduct - The UKCP meet the HPC September 24, 2010
Report by Dr Bruce Scott Word .doc

Principled Non-Compliance and Alternative Professional Accountability -

Therapy Today September:
BACP refuses to publish Open Letter from 300 members
The Open Letter

Therapy Today October:
BACP gets the message?

'in 2011, BACP will be launching a new register for non-accredited members. Accredited members will continue to be registered in the UKRCP (United Kingdom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) whilst non-accredited members will have the opportunity to join our proposed register for counsellors and psychotherapists. The entry standards and processes for registration will be published in either the November or December issue of Therapy Today'.

Briefing / Care Professions Council - name, remit and ethos - implications for the psychological therapies
a spoof that presents a detailed framework for civic accountability driven more by client needs than by professional or government agendas
Abolish the HPC
This item on the YourFreedom HM Government website ran to 21,000 words before it closed.
snapshot of the consultation taken at the end of August 2010 provides telling testimony of the HPC's unfitness for purpose

CBT and related things - a blog that takes the lid off dubious practices in the NHS and elsewhere.

'If only...' suggests that first year IAPT results were effective in only 4% of referrals.

Arms Length Bodies Axed.
HPC to digest Social Workers

A July 26 press release by the HPC pointed to a DH Review of Arms Length Bodies [ALB] and what the government intends to do with them.
... the Department of Health has awarded the HPC the task of adding the 84,000 social workers previously under the wing of The General Social Care Council [GSCC] to the 225,000 in the 15 professions that it currently regulates.

Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy Against State Regulation NEWSLETTER
Updates on the current state of play... especially the opening stage of the Judicial Review of the HPC's regulatory process

Membership database transfer

On December 10th 2009 when the HPC Council met, as expected, they ignored the tirade of opposition contained in the 1100+ submissions to the recent 'consultation' and subsequently recommended to the Department of Health that the government regulate counselling and psychotherapy.

HPC regulation has hitherto relied on the wholesale transfer of registrant organizations membership databases. The list of transferred members becomes an asset used by the HPC to send out registration requests. In the event of non-registration, the registrant details stay on file with the HPC.

If you oppose state regulation of counselling and psychotherapy, or are merely ambivalent about it, it is time to press your organization for this freedom of choice. And soon. The HPC will begin contacting organisations holding voluntary registers before the end of the year so as to 'assess' the register compilation workload.

This 'database cleaning' is distinct from the final transfer. However the accrediting bodies, already deep in collaboration with the HPC may be minded to short circuit members' democratic rights and pass on their members details to the HPC.


Pro state-regulation organisation 'INTEGRITY?' opens for business
Integrating Psychological Therapies and Society? more

Cognitive Behavioural Kultur
Documents forwarded by an anonymous correspondent detail the operational processes of the national Increasing Access to Psychological Therapy programme [IAPT] now in rollout.

IAPT Outcomes Toolkit .pdf, 84pp
IAPT Key Performance Indicators .pdf,

A Response to the HPC's July 2009 PLG Recommendations for the Regulation of Counsellors
by Guy Gladstone

July 2009, The Health Professions Council opened a 'Consultation' on the Recommendations by the Professional Liaison Group [PLG] including the draft Standards of Proficiency specifying registrants' legal obligations. See reviews below.
Nine of the reviews are available in book form from lulu.com:
Compliance? Ambivalence? Rejection?
Nine Papers Challenging The Health Professions Council 2009 proposals for the state regulation of the psychological therapies
Edited by Richard House and Denis Postle

eIpnosis review of HPC Standards of proficiency for counselling and psychotherapy
A Tick-Box Doxology?
eIpnosis cultural overview of HPC Standards of proficiency for counselling and psychotherapy
eIpnosis review of the PLG Recommendations for State regulation ofthe Psychological Therapies:

Draft HPC Standards of Proficiency – a personal critique from a humanistic perspective
By John Gloster-Smith, MAHPP

The PLG's Proposals for the Statutory Regulation of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Dr Richard House

Psychoanalytic community reviews
PLG Recommendations
HPC Standards

Vorauseilender Gehorsam (anticipatory obedience)
Reflections on the British Assocation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists preparations for life in a post-regulated counselling landscape more

with Health Professions Council Regulation
a eIpnosis video interview with Dr Richard House 17mins

Regulatory excellence? Really?
On this page we contrast two contradictory perspectives on the performance of the Health Professions Council that emerged recently, one compiled by an Alliance participant, the other reports an adulatory message from the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence [CHRE] more

De-Railing SR -
Current Developments
As the tickbox disease of state regulation gathers its strength for the final assault on the psychological therapies, here are a few items of news that might bring some cheer to those beginning to be concerned about how this 'NHS regulation' will affect their work.

Derek Hirsh Gale -
HPC Arts therapist
Registrant: AS01092

The last day of Health Professions Council Fitness to Practise Hearing: Allegation Number: FTP01170

eIpnosis Editor 'Named and Shamed' - Vichy Revisited
eIpnosis marks what may be the last of meeting of the Health Profession Council's Professional Liaison Group [PLG] with a further account of the parallels between the PLG's role in the capture of psychological therapies by the state and the WW2 Vichy government of France.

Seven Lords
A 'Leaping
State Regulation of Psychologists:
Lords Seal Terms of Armistice
May 5th, 2009
eIpnosis report

The State V Mr Gale
- the first three days
This iconic Health Professions Council [HPC] ‘fitness to practise’ hearing is the first to feature a UK psychotherapist, Derek Hirsh Gale. Mr Gale, a practitioner with a decades long practice, is defending himself against allegations of exploitation and abuse of power.
An eIpnosis Report by Denis Postle

Ambivalent about state regulation of the psychological therapies? Browse these suggestions
The College of Psychoanalysis in conversation with the HPC
20 years of ethical hiatus - A celebration.
Health Professions Council - Value-free Regulation?
Regulatory Rapture
Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
User Groups
Random Ruminations

The British Psychoanalytic Council and the Health Professions Council:
Reflections on Legitimacy and Reputation
The eIpnosis report on the historic December 4 Professional Liaison Group HPC meeting produced a 'smokescreen of affront' from the BPC and the HPC that avoided engagement with our frank 'truth-telling' about this shocking meeting. Read what they said in this eIpnosis response
Administering the Kiss of Death - A Vichy Moment
The inaugural meeting of the Health Professions Council Professional Liaison Group for Counselling and Psychotherapy Regulation. December 4 2008
eIpnosis REPORT
Refusenik Therapists Defy Health Professions Council
An Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy Against State Regulation launched January 12th DETAILS

Protecting the Client Experience
A Catastrophe Theory Map of Civic Accountability in the Psychological Therapies
Denis Postle

Health Professions Council Sheds New Light on Symptom Removal —
Ignoring Dissent Creates Assent
Documents which the HPC's Professional Liaison Group [PLG] had in front of them at their inaugural meeting on December 4 2008 eIpnosis REVIEW

Messages from Taxonomist Heaven
An account, with detailed Freedom of Information Act evidence, of scandalous ethical distortion and values incongruence in the Skills for Health National Occupational Standards [NOS] for Counselling and Psychotherapy development process
eIpnosis REVIEW

The Interminable Terminological Confusion of Statutory and State Regulation
Regulator and regulated have recently rediscovered 'statutory' as a smokescreen for their confluence with state control.
Guy Gladstone

The UKCP and Tick Box Regulation – an Arranged Marriage.
UKCP Conference: Transforming Times - UKCP at the Heart of the Profession and the Wider World of the 21st Century? November 15 2008
A valiant if flawed attempt by the UKCP to breathe life into a profession facing capture and dissolution
eIpnosis conference report

Counselling in Primary Care - Make-over mania?
eIpnosis in conversation with a Primary Care counsellor
'....The new proposals are actually getting rid of the term 'counsellor' and people are to be called 'psychological therapists' and what we understand, and certainly what has happened in other areas, is that existing counsellors have been required to undergo further training, sometimes one day a week, in a university for a year in CBT, no matter how experienced they may be or no matter how well trained they may be...'

Validity In the Psychological Therapies - Why Love Provides a Better Benchmark Than Science eIpnosis video 26 mins. Video | DVD £5 post free .

Autumn Special from Wesley Tantrum
As the state prepares to administer its kiss of death to the psy field, psy folk are occupying one or other of three positions. These positions are most readily grasped ornithologically:
are getting ready for the pickings
OSTRICHES are keeping their heads down/in the sand
ROOSTERS are telling everyone to wake up
And there are three further species, though one is extinct. Read on

Towards Post-professional Practice: Principled Non-Compliant Practitionership in a Post-Regulation Era
by Richard House
'...to what extent can we preserve a radical countercultural space in a psychotherapy field which becomes increasingly professionalised and subject to the audit culture’s worst excesses?' more
Interview with counsellor Rose Budd,
eIpnosis 'Fitness to Practise Consultant' Charles Layton tries to give voice to the passive majority of practitioners who appear to be aquiescing in the introduction of SR. more

Troubled Times In A Paperweight Palatinate
Wesley Tantrum reports from the UKCP Court, Buxton, March 2008

Overview of what SR entails and outline of what is at stake
- Economics - Zeitgeist - Responsibilities - and Contradictions & Anomalies - . more

Tim Brown sends this one page account of why SR is problematic to people who quiz him about it. more

Response to Skills for Health Draft Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic National Occupational Standards, Roger Litten, Association for Lacanian Psychoanalysis in the United Kingdom June 2008

'We have had enough...' RESIGNATION FROM THE UKCP Join the list of practitioners across all modalities who have decided to resign, or intend to resign from their UKCP registration.

Why Analytic Practitioners Should Say No To The HPC by Ian Parker, CFAR

Skills for Health Draft Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic National Occupational Standards - A Response from The Psychoanalytic Consortium

STOP SR List of 360+ practitioners who reject present plans for state regulation of the psychological therapies. The list is still open, sign up.
Its not too late to halt state regulation - petition 1200+ signatures - sign up

Soul Women Natalie Brooks on how 'for the passionate woman politics is dull, dry and devoid of soul'.

UKCP March AGM report by Ian Parker, CFAR

Submission to the recent BPS consultation
Guy Gladstone

Reference Group Membership list,and 'Project Infrastructure' for the Skills for Health (a subsection of Skills for Business) task of writing National Occupational Standards [NOS] for the Psychological Therapies.
Guess who heads the list... Lord John Alderdice... representing, apparently, the House of Lords.

Consultation (now closed) on the State Regulation of Psychologists

An Alarming Development The Health Professionals Council Road Map for the Statutory Regulation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists in the United Kingdom
Roger Litten - Association for Lacanian Psychoanalysis in the UK

UKCP, BACP, BABCP and BPS - announce 'MOCK' Application for New Professions Membership of the HPC

Client Voices

A mother tells of the downside of HPC Regulation
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust Userwatch
An Independent Occasionally Very Satired (And Even Wicked Yes Wicked) View Of Mental Health NHS Issues As Well As Those Further Afield
Revealing the Truth About Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Counselling and CBT

Writhe Safely
Power takes as ingratitude the writhing of its victims. ~ Tagore
'health care... capitalism's crowning clusterfuck'.

A collection of the first five years of eIpnosis - Volume two is in preparation
Nine Papers Challenging The Health Professions Council 2009 proposals for the state regulation of the psychological therapies
Edited by Richard House and Denis Postle
18 videos and sound tracks

The Health Professions Council Regulatory Process Under Scrutiny - Janet Low
Essential - First hand accounts of direct experience of the HPC in action
Unintended negative side effects of HPC regulation
Text of message sent to 35 members of the House of Lords ahead of their May 5th 2009debate on the Amendment to the Section 60 Order regulating practitioner psychologists
Excellent detailed account of the downside of HPC regulation
briefing by Arthur Musgrave
Unintended Consequences

a series of interviews produced by eIpnosis associate editor Psychoanalyst Janet Low, plus a related Blog

Health Professions Council
Call for Ideas
An archive of fourteen individual and institutional responses

Health Professions Council select Professional Liaison Group [PLG]
List of members

Health Professions Council
eIpnosis meets Marc Seale, The Regulator
At the end of August 2008 eIpnosis received a pair of messages that offered very contradictory views on the HPC's reputation. I emailed extracts of them to Marc Seale, his response was to invite me in for a meeting.

Details of a meeting, with HPC's Mark Seale and the College of Psychoanalysts (Darian Leader and Jacques China) are here

Notes of a meeting with HPC's Mark Seale and Arthur Musgrave, Andrew Samuels and Nick Totton here

Health Professions Council Special #3
eIpnosis reports on iatrogenic damage due to the HPC's impermeability and unfitness for purpose.
The Health Professions Council voted 13th December 2008 to 'consider the regulation of counsellors and psychotherapists'. Minutes | Details

Skills for Health and National Occupational Standards for Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Therapy
by Arthur Musgrave

As a humanistic therapist I'm not well placed to comment in detail on National Occupational Standards for Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Therapies. I did, however, become quite involved in the drafting of the precursors to NOS, National Vocational Qualifications [NVQs], back in the mid 1990s. There are some useful parallels. more

The State Regulation Train is Leaving the station... or is the Station Leaving the Train?
report on the June 10 2008 Psychological Therapies Reference Group meeting

State Regulation: Illusory, Unethical and Hazardous - Eleven Good reasons to To Oppose SR
Guy Gladstone

Attempts to freeze-dry love continue
eIpnosis EDITORIAL February 26 2008 more

House of Lords 5 February 2007 Lord Alderdice, later to be chair of two key Skills for Health Reference Groups, on why the Health Professions Council isn't 'fit for purpose'. '...Why this dissatisfaction with the HPC? The membership of the HPC is primarily concerned with those who treat physical illnesses, and the way that they deal with training and skills is much less variable...' more

REPORT: The Savoy Conference: The NHS and the Psychological Therapies

REVIEW: Engineering Happiness - Internet online recordings of The Savoy Conference, includes links and excerpted transcripts

COMMENT: Ideology and the NHS: the perversion of Science, Practice, and Policy
The Old Savoy Declaration
The New Savoy Declaration Revision 1.01

Start the day with a smile!
The Sav**oy Declaration

IAPT/CBT nexus
Read Recent press criticism of the IAPT/CBT nexus by Professor Andrew Samuels and an extensive response from the BABCP. Ipnosis features the correspondence, an Editorial, a Guest Editorial from Janet Low and a link to Andrew Samuels collection of CBT Articles and Documents.
All I have is a voice to undo the folded lie
W.H. Auden

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