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I've heard from one or two people that they think (I)pnosis would be too busy to work with them one-to-one. Not so. Email me, or check out here details of my location, availability, and what I offer.
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Love Matters
Love Matters. It does indeed. Love enables the intregration of psychology, politics, spirituality in our approach to life and work. And not least, I want to argue, therapy work.

The Love Matters strand here in eIpnosis provides a field, maybe more accurately a meadow, in which I hope a variety of versions of the notion of love as a pre-eminent aspect of the human condition will take root and flourish.

The mix of material relies on me and people close to me at the moment and may seem somewhat haphazard but then so is love when the wildness and jouissance has not been squeezed from it.

As a reminder, if we needed it, of what we are about, I recommend the Breast Crawl Video

If you have anything you'd like to contribute, do send it.

Initiation of Breast-feeding by Breast Crawl
Every newborn, when placed on the mother’s abdomen, soon after birth, has the ability to find its mother’s breast all on its own and to decide when to take the first breastfeed. This is called the ‘Breast Crawl’.
My Sweet Crushed Angel
poem by Hafiz
read by Tony Donaghy
IPN Conference 2007
'...part of the value of IPN lies in its values congruence, we may have all sorts of limitations and not yet have that much of a face out into the world, but we do have values congruence; it is lived and organized, in place.'
Introductory talk by Denis Postle

Love Works: Introducing IPN
Video Part1
Video Part2

Et tu Brute?
Article about the IPN spring 2007 conference by Previn Karian

Elmer Postle and Patrick Houser
"helping men understand pregnancy, birth and early fathering"

Midwives Journal article: Father present? or just in the room?

Fathers to Be online forum for men to contribute their thoughts, experiences, questions, joys and concerns about being a father.
"I make eye and heart catching productions which have touched many people worldwide - "
Elmer Postle

DVDs supporting the awakening of authentic liberation and choice:
Eckhart Tolle, Ganga Ji, Miranda, The BirthLight Conference, Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Binnie A. Dansby, Sheala Kitzinger, Colwyn Trevarthen, Suzanne Arms, Robert Holden, Tom and Linda Carpenter and more on the way.

Childhood, Wellbeing and Therapeutic Ethos: Living and Working from Love - Some Unhelpful Beliefs

Illustrated talk by Denis Postle at Roehampton University
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'...An action research inquiry into living and working from love. So far as love is defined as the active mutual pursuit of flourishing with Others — it requires the absence of coercion and force. In other words Dominance is the antithesis of Love.

Learning to love, learning to live from love, thus requires that we also confront our inner tyrants, that we move to eliminate our use of force and coercion and work to build the skills and emotional competence that negotiation, cooperation and mutuality require...'.

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Owl Productions videos by Elmer Postle
Letting The Heart Sing
- The Mind Gymnas
Personal and Professional Development
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Letting the Heart Sing
A Personal and Professional Development Course
based on The Mind Gymnasium
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The Psychologyof Birth - Invitation to Intimacy
A video by Elmer Postle about the birth experience
'This video is about how an acknowledgment of the 'psychological presence' of the infant in the time prior to, during and after birth, can lead us into finding out more about ourselves and becoming more present for our children'.
DVD the Psychology of Birth Invitation to Intimacy
'An arrival of divine proportions, or a journey through the gates of hell; to engage in the the birth process is to embrace the greatest beauty whilst risking our greatest fears'.

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