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February, 4 2011

Final PLG Meeting
February 2nd
Key decisions delegated to HPC Council
eIpnosis report

Health and Social Care Bill January 19, 2011
Psychological therapies, regulation of,
The Thick Plottens
First impressions of the new regulatory landscape
The Health Professions Council faces a Judicial Review of their failure to observe due process in their approach to regulating counselling and psychotherapy
Game, Set... and Match?
The Realities and Inequities of Positional Power
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BACP refuse to publish Open Letter request from 300 members for consultation on APA with membership
Open Letter
BACP response

Abolish the HPC
This item on the YourFreedom HM Government website ran to 21,000 words before it closed.
A snapshot of the consultation taken at the end of August 2010 provides telling testimony of the HPC's unfitness for purpose
Reticence and Discretion
Principled Non-Compliance
and Alternative Professional/ Practitioner Accountability

An overview of current state of play


Arms Length Bodies Axed -
HPC to digest Social Workers

A July 26 2010 press release by the HPC pointed to a DH Review of Arms Length Bodies [ALB] and what the government intends to do with them.

The Review document provides intriguing indications of the new coalition government's desire to drain what might be seen as the NHS management swamp, and the how and why of their intentions. The Review establishes a regulatory policy trajectory that seems likely to have implications for the future of the psychological therapies.

Shadow Health Minister Anne Milton MP called a convention of counselling and psychotherapy stakeholders Westminster Hall November 2nd 2009
Where the Story Ends - Statutory Rogue-ulation
an eIpnosis account by Denis Postle

eIpnosis - a change of direction
eIpnosis is shifting emphasis from resisting state regulation of the psychological therapies to championing new ways of approaching 'human condition' work, post-professional practice and civic accountability post state regulation*.

This is a new beginning. While there are several established projects and initiatives, we are in discovery and exploratory mode.
If you would like to contribute, get in touch.

Find the new orientation here. Updates on
current regulation developments will
continue to be covered

*the HPC and its collaborators have already brought the culture of
state regulation to the psychological therapies

All previous eIpnosis material will stay available. Articles from more than a couple of year ago are likely to be in the CONTENTS

URGENT! Membership database transfer

When on December 10th 2009 the HPC Council met they ignored the tirade of opposition contained in the 1100+ submissions to the recent 'consultation' and apparently recommended that the government regulate counselling and psychotherapy.

Notwithstanding the BACP's objection to a psychotherapy-counselling hierarchy and the HPC's medical culture, it looks like the PLG collaborators and the mix of economic and academic collusion they represent, have ensured the collapse of independence of the field.

If you think this is a great idea, goodbye and good luck. If, on the contrary, you believe that state regulation of counselling and psychotherapy are a form of social insanity, read on.

HPC regulation has hitherto relied on the wholesale transfer of registrant organizations membership databases. The list of transferred members becomes an asset used by the HPC to send out registration requests. In the event of non-registration, the registrant details stay on file with the HPC.

If you oppose state regulation of counselling and psychotherapy, or are merely ambivalent about it, it is time to press your organization for this freedom of choice. And soon. The HPC will begin contacting organisations holding voluntary registers before the end of the year so as to 'assess' the register compilation workload.

This 'database cleaning' is distinct from the final transfer. However the accrediting bodies already deep in collaboration with the HPC may be minded to short circuit members' democratic rights and pass on their members details to the HPC.

This has been a frequently viewed page in the resistance to State Regulation of the psychological therapies and if you have been here before for that reason, or your name appears below, thank you.

However resistance brings with it the risk of starting to resemble the oppressor and that is a condition to avoid.

State endorsement of the psychological therapies seems to entail a blockage to creativity and eIpnosis is shifting emphasis from resistance to State Regulation to positive programme - to figuring out what we want. I hope you might be inclined to join us in that task. Check out the eIpnosis front page for some early pointers.

The list of names will remain below. If you want to contribute, it would now be better to add your name to the petition against SR here which has over 2800 signatures.

In his July 2006 letter to over a hundred stakeholder organizations,
December 2009: While still a valuable asset, (and one of the most viewed eIpnosis pages) since this list was created events have moved on.

eIpnosis continues to be the only independent source of news and insight into the social insanity of the state regulation of the psychological therapies.

The new Contents lists eIpnosis material back to 2000

To tempt you to explore further, see the list right for some current items from eIpnosis.

And if you come across something you think we should all know about— email eIpnosis.

Professor Louis Appleby, Director of Mental Health UK, asked The Independent Practitioners Network [IPN] for support for the Department of Health proposals for the regulation of counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. This request was parallel to the consultation on the Foster review of the regulation of non-medical health professions that closed on 10th November 2006.

In response to Professor Appleby's request and the Foster consultation we, the undersigned sponsors, have now sent them the following Statements of Opposition to the state regulation of these fields along with the lists of names of those who support them.

We are highly appreciative of the range and scale of support for the statement of opposition and we now intend holding it open for signature in the coming months.

The List is still open!

To add your name to the list of signatories it would now be better to add your name to the petition against SR here email Denis Postle, you may wish to include job titles if any, and psychotherapeutic role. If you would prefer Royal Mail you can find my street address here.

Please recommend this page to anyone who takes an interest in these matters.

The first 364+ signatories (in alphabetical order) appear after the statement. Nick Totton's shorter statement of opposition has 160+ signatures

Thanks for your support


Guy Gladstone, group and individual psychotherapist, The Open Centre London, UKAHPP, IPN
Jill Hall, Psychotherapist, IPN
Sue Hatfield, IPN
(Dr) Richard House, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy and Counselling, RCTE, Roehampton University, and Magdalen Medical Practice, Norwich, IPN
Grace Lindsay, counsellor and teacher, IPN
Denis Postle, IPN

January 2007


There are many reasons for opposing the state regulation of the psychological therapies, among the range of arguments are the following:

  1. No reputable or systematic research exists to demonstrate that counsellors, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts abuse or exploit clients on a scale that warrants the costs (financial, political, cultural and psychological) of state regulation.

  2. The medicalised framing of current regulation proposals violates the public's right to choose practitioners who do not define them as patients suffering from illnesses or disorders, and who offer a rich variety of other models for human wellbeing and development.

  3. Given the lack of evidence that regulation will effectively protect the public, it is difficult not to conclude that training and accrediting organizations have been promoting state regulation because it enables them to market state validation as an exclusive passport into practice, in turn justifying rising training costs and ever higher academic attainment as key criteria for acceptance into training.

  4. Existing research suggests a) that good therapeutic outcomes are not demonstrably related to levels or types of training; b) that good outcomes are strongly correlated with the successful creation of an effective helping relationship between practitioner and client.

  5. Regulation based on training falsely promises that training guarantees good practice, and reliance on this unwarranted view in turn misleads the public: the ability to achieve good results ultimately counts for more than the level of training achieved, and this can only be effectively monitored through client feedback, supervision, case seminars and ongoing peer review.

  6. A centralised monoculture of psychological regulation, gridlocking therapy into standardised training, competency and ethical criteria, is intrinsically inferior to the current diverse and appropriately local ecologies of psychological service provision. This rich diversity of the psychological therapies is a precious and desirable phenomenon.

  7. It is not the proper business of the state to control the provision of counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Such control can never be apolitical. State regulation of psychological therapies will compromise practitioner neutrality, lead to risk-averse practice and erode the client's freedom of choice.

    State regulation will install a terminally damaging confusion of ends and means. If the end need is for 'client protection' the damage done to services delivered to clients by means of occupations that are statutorily regulated is likely to overwhelmingly outweigh any enhancement of their interests that might ensue.

    Since psychopractice is ultimately a form of conversation between consenting others, the creation, funding, and enhancement of service-user education and information would be far more cost effective and beneficial to users than state regulation, which will be ineffective in minimizing abuse or exploitation.

    For some or all of these reasons amongst others - all of which have been argued and evidenced at length elsewhere - we, the undersigned, are of the opinion that the government should relinquish any intention statutorily to regulate the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis.

Add my name to the list of signatories who support this statement of opposition, please include job title if any, and psychotherapeutic role.

If you have questions or comments about this statement, or would like further information about the current developments in state regulation of psychopractice, log on to ipnosis or email: Denis Postle

There is another, shorter statement of opposition here. The two statements have been presented together to the Department of Health.


List of supporters, 377 as of July 23 2007 (it would now be better to add your name to the petition against SR here)

Robin Aaronson, Person-centred counsellor, Director, Akousis Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre

Amal Abbass-Saal, Sandplay therapist & Director of the Celebrating Cultural Diversity Network

Aiden Abenethy, Psychotherapist and Youth Worker

Nikki Adams, Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP, B.Sc. (Hons), Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Registered with the Health Professions Council

Diane Adderley, Psychodrama psychotherapist, UKCP accredited

Jane Aldous, Person Centred counsellor and supervisor. Libra, women and alcohol counselling service, Edinburgh and independent practice

James M Alexander - Psychotherapist, NHS - THRIVE - for adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and Private Practice in Glasgow Scotland

Dorothy Allen, UKCP accredited psychotherapist in private practice. Trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and transpersonal psychotherapy. Affiliated to the Centre For Transpersonal Psychology

Steve Allan, BA (Hons) Dip CG, Adv Dip Counselling Educational Guidance Adviser.

Valerie Allen, MA, UKCP, MBACP, MICG, psychotherapist, supervisor and assessor

Pamela Allsop, Transpersonal psychotherapist, UKCP

Bruce Anderson, Teacher and consultant

Jill, Anderson, DHP

Jane Anglin, Executive and Life Coach

James Angove, BA, MBA, NCP, NCH

Lynn Anson, Person-centred counsellor in Primary schools. Accredited member of Counselling Society

Jan Armstrong, Proprietor of apartment building housing some adults with challenging and cognitive behaviour issues

Carmen Aros, Counsellor, BACP accreditation, 11 years of practice

Racheli, Azgad, Psychoanalyst in private practiceUKCP registered

Dorothy Baird, Human Givens diploma in psychotherapy

Dr Kevin Baker

Matt Ball, Pychodnamic counsellor, primary care counselling service

Monica Balley, Counsellor in Private Practice

Professor Paul Barber, Middlesex University

Tom Barber, DHp, PGD Couns & Psych, MBACP, MGHR, MNCP.Accredited and Registered Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor.

Peter Barham, Founder Member, Guild of Psychotherapists

Charlotte Barrow, MFET (Cert), ITEC, PracMem BFVEA (full-time counsellor and complementary therapist, in private practice since 1999)

Alan Barton, Counsellor Adv. Dip. Couns., Psychodrama-psychotherapist (UKCP Accredited Diploma)

Ingrid Barton, GHGI

Yvonne Bates, Counsellor, the Alexander Group

Jonathan 'Bill' Bayley, Education volunteer, IPN

Dee Berridge, MA MPNLP, therapist and Behavioural Modeller

Beata Bishop, Transpersonal psychotherapist

Denise Blagden, Psychotherapist

Susan A. Bloom, BA Hons. PGCE, MBACP, MNFSH, IPN member

Jonathan Bockelmann-Evans, Psychotherapist

Liz Bolt, Counsellor/psychotherapist

Pat Bond, PhD, MBACP, Counsellor in voluntary sector, Clinical Scientist registered with HPC

Caroline Born, movement therapist with 28 years experience of working with groups, organisations and individuals.

Jon Bowen, Self-employed Dreamcraft facilitator

Jeremy Brooks, UKCP Reg, MBACP transpersonal psychotherapist and counselling lecturer

Natalie Brooks, Relational Body Psychotherapist, Bristol

Onel Brooks PhD, MA, BA, CQSW, Dip Applied Social Work, MBACP, Senior Lecturer in psychotherapy and Counselling Roehampton University.

Tim Broughton, Counsellor and group worker

Juliana Brown, Personal growth facilitator, the Open Centre, London

Tim Brown, Deep bodywork practitioner

Patrick Buckingham, MSEC (Prac) BRCP Metaphysical Counsellor, accredited by the Institute of Complementary Medicine, member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners

Angela Buxton, Existential psychotherapist

Josephine Bugeja, RMN, RGN, Registered Practitioner for Psychological Type; counselling & personal development; Member of BAPT, IPN, BACP

Steve Burchell, Cert. Dip., Cllg & Svsn. Mem. BACP & IPN

Erica Burman, Professor of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University and Group Analyst (MIGA)

Kathy Burrage, counsellor, supervisor and teacher, IPN

Angela Buxton, Existential psychotherapist

Pietro Cardile, and I'm a Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist(UKCP) in private practice

Julia Carne, Psychoanalyst

Dr Khatidja Chantler, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Manchester, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Leslie Chapman, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist; Associate Member of CFAR

Janet Christian, Counsellor, 20 years experience in voluntary organisation and independent practice.

David Clark, Process oriented facilitator

Richard Clarke, Counsellor in private practice.

Gillian Clayton, Psychoanalyst in private practice, full member of CFAR.

Noel Cobb, Member, Philadelphia Association

Dr. Graham Cocking, Counselling Psychologist, and Counselling Trainer

Sylvia Cohen, Psychoanalyst

Patricia Connolly, Dip. humanistic counselling, dip. core process psychotherapy, dip. Jungian psychotherapy (gaps), ongoing

Andrew Cook, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, IPN

Nicola Coombe, 'Inner Matters' - spiritual counselling, general counselling, coaching, organisational consulting. Faculty member, Interfaith Seminary UK

Sara Cooper, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Guild of Psychotherapists, Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire

Christopher J. Coulson, Accredited by the UKAHPP as a psychotherapist, counsellor and group psychotherapist.

Anita Courtman, Psychotherapist, UKCP registered

Julia Crabtree, Psychotherapy, energy healing, counselling, EFT BA Dip. Couns., Adv. Dip. Transpersonal Psychotherapy, UKCP accredited, CPS accredited healer, Reiki practitioner

Gay Crace, Psychotherapist, Association of Psychotherapists (AIP)

Joanna Cronin, person-centred counsellor, private and EAP, also in a secondary school.

Mary Cross, Counsellor and coach. Training and development

Brett Culham, Clinical hypnotherapist, PDHyp, MBSCH

NU Tran Cullen, Psychotherpaist in training

Ariana Cziffra, Art therapist in psychoanalytic training

Hazel Daniells, Human Givens practitioner, PGDip.

Binnie A. Dansby, SOURCE Breathwork and counselling, in practice since 1975

Marie-Laure Davenport, Psychotherapist, IGA member, Philadelphia Association member

Howard Davey, Dip. Psychotherapy. Dip. Criminology

Nick Davis, Psychotherapist in Private Practice (UKCP) and NHS staff counsellor

Celia Dawson, Co-ordinator, Off the Record, Bradford Counselling Services Limited (Registered Charity).

Chris Dawson, Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice,IPN member

Charles Dean, Chartered Physiotherapist (registered with HPC)

Kat Demeter, Counselling psychotherapist (as best as I can describe myself) with a person-centred integrated model of work

Dido Denman, Psychotherapist, counsellor and hypnotherapist, UKCP, NCP, NCH.

Tony Donaghy, Psychotherapist, IPN

Steve Dowson, Founding member, the Norwich Collective

Nick Duffell, The Centre for Gender Psychology

Mary D. Duhig, Psychotherapist; Member of the Philadelphia Association

Paul Dunne UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Centre for Transpersonal Psychology

Sylvy Early, In training at Spectrum, Centre for Humanistic Psychotherapy.

Daniel Eastop - student counsellor at Bilborough College, Nottingham

Mary Lynne Ellis, Psychoanalyst

Julia Evans, Psychoanalyst

Cathryn Evason, Counsellor/psychotherapist

Maria Farry, Human Givens Psychotherapist

Michael Féat, Accredited Counsellor

Don Feasey, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist in independent practice and author

Carol Ferguson, Gestalt therapist and reflexologist

Dr Andrew Field, B.Sc. MBBS. FRCS. MA (Psych) I work as a GP in an NHS practice in York and also am trained in Core Process Psychotherapy.

Jinny Fisher, Member and ex-Chair of The Guild of Psychotherapists, The College of Psychoanalysts, UK Director, CAP (Counselling and Psychotherapy Associates)

Lyn Fitzgerald, Family court reporter, York North Yorkshire

Brenda Foguel, Group analyst, Consultant Psychologist NHS City and Hackney Trust. Supervisor to clinicians practising group psychotherapy

M.J. Forrest-Hazell, Final Year student, Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. Barnfield College,

Tim Foskett, Counsellor and group therapist

Martin Fox, Counsellor, BACP, DIP

Joe Friedman, Philadelphia Association, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and couples counsellor

Bob Froud, Adv. Dip. Couns. M.B.A.C.P.

Stephanie Futcher

Irene Galant, Psychotherapist, BACP, IPN

Mike Gallant, M.Sc., MBACP CPC Reg. (ROAG of UKCP), psychotherapeutic counsellor, supervisor and trainer, doctoral student of narrative. Team leader Shetland Community Drugs Team

Ms Jacquie Gammon, Advanced Diploma in Counselling. Community College Counsellor. BACP. CCC. IPN.

Rus Gandy, UKCP, BACP senior registered practitioner; AFBPsS, psychotherapist, counsellor & supervisor

Belinda Gauntlett, Psychotherapist, HGDipP

Tony Gauvain, Hypnotherapist and Human Givens practitioner working in private practice

Ewan J. Gear, Post-graduate diploma in counselling at work from Bristol University, Nurse Tutor (STD), teacher (B.Ed. Hons)

Hugh Gee, Psychological analyst (trained by the SAP)

Sandra Gee, Focusing and experiential psychotherapist

Stephen Gee, Psychoanalyst, Member of the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Dr Loraine Gelsthorpe, Psychotherapist and criminologist

Roger Gilbert, Full member of the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis and solicitor

Guy Gladstone, Group and individual psychotherapist, the Open Centre London, UKAHPP, IPN

David Glentworth, Human Givens student

Miranda Glossop, UKCP psychotherapist, Philadelphia Assoc, working in London.

Dr Dina Glouberman, Psychotherapist, writer, founder of Skyros Holistic Holidays

Simon Glover, counsellor, supervisor and trainer

Dr Peter Good, Lecturer in Counselling, Huddersfield University, IPN

Lisa Goodchild, MBACP(accred) Counselling Coordinator, Stalybridge Cheshire

Mike Goodwin, Wing Psychotherapist HM Prison Grendon, Buckinghamshire

Paul Gordon, Psychotherapist, Philadelphia Association

Marian Gow, psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice. Supervision, consultation, and teaching. Member of the Guild of psychotherapists, chair of the Guild low fee clinic, member of the training committee and the Race and Cultural Differences Group.

Ron Graves, M.Sc. (Family Psychotherapy), RMN Clinical Nurse, specialist in systemic practice, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Peterborough

Linda Green, UKCP/BACP registered psychotherapist working in private practice

Karl Gregory, RGN, RMN, MSc Counselling MBACP, Counselling in private practice and Course coordinator/Tutor at University of Bristol, Diploma in Counselling – Organisational Settings

Dr Peter Gubi, BEd, MA, MA(Ed), MTh, PhD; Principal Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Central Lancashire; BACP Accredited Counsellor & BACP Accredited Supervisor.

Barbara Hacking, Counsellor in private practice and NHS Primary Care, IPN and CPC

Andrea Halewood, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, Roehampton University

Jill Hall, Psychotherapist, IPN

Michael T. Hall, UKCP registered psychotherapist, drop–in worker (Mind – Enfield)

Janet Hamley, BA (Hons), Adv. Dip. Therapeutic Counselling

Charles Hampton, BACP accredited counsellor no. 503947

Sue Hampton, BSc Hons, CTA Body Centered Psychotherapist and Transactional Analyst, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Director of bodysense @ work ltd

Carol Harper, NLP practitioner, coach, therapist

Harry Harris, IPN, psychotherapist, counsellor, group facilitator

Dyana Hart, BA, CertEd, LCH, PCH, MCIL, Homeopath & health journalist (retired.)

Robert Hart, Analytical Psychologist

Sally Hart, Psychotherapist

Linda Hartley, UKCP reg. Transpersonal Psychotherapist; Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre staff member.

Deirdre Haslam, UKAHPP. Practitioner member of ACAT and accredited trainer, supervisor and member of ACAT's training and exam board. Course tutor for the B.Sc in Integral Therapeutic Counselling at Anglia Ruskin University and in private practice as an Integral therapist.

Sue Hatfield,

Benet Haughton, counsellor and psychotherapist. member of COSCA

Christopher Hauke, (Member: BPC; UKCP; IAAP) Training: Society of Analytical Psychology Analyst (Jungian) in private practice, and Lecturer in Psychoanalytic Studies, Goldsmiths', Univ. of London.

David Henderson, Psychotherapist, Association of Independent Psychotherapists (AIP)

Matthew Henson, B.A. M.Sc. PgD. Adv.Dip.Ex.Psych. (UKCP pending). Existential psychotherapist in private practice and voluntary sector bereavement counsellor. Member of The Society for Existential Analysis.

John Heron, Retired Assistant Director, British Postgraduate Medical Federation, University of London

Philip Hill, Psychoanalyst

Gabriele Hock, UKCP registered psychotherapist

Lucy Holbrook, Deep bodyworker

Mike Holl: Individual and family counsellor in the voluntary sector (trained in social work, systemic family therapy and person centred counselling) MBACP.

John Holt, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, Visiting Lecturer University of Leeds, and Coordinator of The Phoenix Partnership 'creative change management'

Teresa Salazar Hope, Counsellor (15 yrs): Counselling Coordinator at Refugee Action Kingston.

Barry Hopewell, Counsellor and Publisher in Astrological Psychology, Diploma holder with Astrological Psychology Institute (UK)

Jean Hopwood, analytical psychotherapist in private practice. UKCP regiistered

Dr Michael Hopwood LRCP. MRCS. Dip Hum Psych. UKCP registered analytical psychotherapist in private practice

Dr Sarah, Horsman, MB ChB working as a cross-disciplinary therapist for a charity. The Society of Mary and Martha Sheldon, Dunsford, Exeter

Dr Richard House, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy and Counselling, RCTE, Roehampton University, and Magdalen Medical Practice, Norwich; IPN

Patrick M. Houser, Teacher/coach/counsellor. Administrator, The SOURCE Foundation International

Richard Hughes, Environmental Consultant

Trish Hutton, Psychodynamic Counsellor in Private Practice

J. D. Ingleby, MA, Ph.D. Professor of Intercultural Psychology, Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Richard Irwin, Counsellor, Bridgegate drug services, Fenland, Chair HepCamVoice (support for those affected by Hepatitis C) Private Practice, Auricular/Body Acupunturist (Yuan Traditional Medicine College, EAR register)

Margaret Jacobson, MBACP, Counsellor in Private Practice & Manager of Low-Cost Counselling Service

Marius Jankowski, Counsellor, Oxleas NHS Trust / Phoenix House

Jane Jarrett, Proprietor of a small children's home for adolescents with challenging behaviour.

Robert Jenkins, UKCP registered psychotherapist (05156879), ITA Registered Certified Transactional Analyst (1292)

Gavin Jinks, Training & Education Officer, Children & Young Person's Dept Workforce Learning & Development Section Derby City Council

Trudy Johnston, Person-centred lecturer in Higher Education, Diploma in Counselling, training in the Hakomi method.

David Kalisch, Psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer. UKCP Reg'd, UKAHPP

Christina Karagianni, Counsellor/psychotherapist, supervisor, group facilitator & flower essence practitioner. Member of BACP (MBACP) & supporter of IPN.

Previn Karian, Psychotherapist. Managing Director of Resonance Practitioners Ltd, counselling and therapy org.

Michael Kern, Craniosacral therapist, osteopath, naturopath and educator

Suzanne Keys, Counsellor/psychotherapist/supervisor in private practice and FE.

Michelle Kidman, Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist (Uncommon Knowledge) and an NLP Practitioner

Angela King, BACP accredited Counsellor, MSc Counselling, Post Grad Diploma in Integrative Counselling, also training in contemporary psychotherapy.

Lucy King, Philadelphia Association and Cambridge Society for Psychotherapy. Working as psychotherapist in private practice and at Cambridge University Counselling Services.

Bruce Kinsey, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Barbara Kiser, Journalist

Greg Knight-Benjafield, M.Sc. Change Agent Skills and Strategies Director, Chalice Construction Ltd

Juliet Lamont, Psychotherapist in private practice working with couples and individuals. Training background: Gestalt/Integrative and I'm a member of the IPN

Peter Lane, B.Sc., A.H.P.P., U.K.R.C. counsellor, accredited EMDR practitioner. Private practice, supervision, training

Rebecca Lawthom, (Ph.D.) Programme Leader in M.Sc. Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University

Bilhar Layall, Mental health support worker

Dr Darian Leader, Psychoanalyst

Rita Leaman HGDip.P. FHGI. MBACP Principal Psychotherapist, the York Human Givens Centre

Sue Lemasurier, Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Sue Lewis, Counsellor and Diploma Holder of the Astrological Psychology Institute and Member of Transpersonal Perspectives

Clive Lindley-Jones B.Ed. (Hons) D.O. Osteopath and psychotherapist. Registered with the General Osteopathic Council, Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology, Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, N.L.P. Trainer and Coach.

Kerstin Lindley-Jones, Reg. UK Council for Psychotherapy Adv. Dipl. Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Dipl. A.P.I. Astrological Counselling

Grace Lindsay, Counsellor and teacher, IPN

Jan Little, Freelance trainer in social work and counselling

Sarah Lloyd, Deep bodyworker, under supervision with training clients. I have trained at the Open Centre with Silke Ziehl and the Entelia Institute since 2000.

Dr Janet Low, Psychoanalytic practice, CFAR

Marie-France Lyell, MBACP, Adv DipCouns, PG/DipMA in Counseling and Psychotherapy - working in independent practice and a charity.

Fiona G. Lyndley, Registered craniosacral therapist and healer.

V. Lyn MacKenzie, Therapist with CombatStress, volunteer counsellor with Ayrshire Cancer Support, training in CBT, NLP, Reiki, and energy therapies

Lyn Macnab, Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Hugh Macnab, B.Sc. (Hons), Dip. Couns, Dip. HG.P, MGHI

Dr Pete Mann, Independent practitioner, Manchester

Hazel Marshall, Counsellor and psychotherapist, accredited with BACP and registered with UKCP. My professional orientation is transpersonal.

Nicky Martin, person centred counsellor, anger awareness and relaxation groupwork facilitator.

Pete Mosely, Counsellor in training, Mental health support worker, Manchester

Anne Martin,

Paula J. Mason, B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology

Tracy Mason, Hypnotherapist D.Hyp. Distinction

John Masters, Counsellor, MBACP (Snr Accred)

Jennifer A. Matthews, Ph.D. student, psychoanalysis trainee of CFAR

Pamela Maylin, Counsellor in private practice and school community mental health worker

Rosalind Mayo, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Philadelphia Association.(UKCP) Practising in Norfolk.

Dr Douglas McFadzean, NHS Counsellor in Primary Care & independent psychotherapist, Stirling

Ian McGregor, UKCP registered therapist

Ian McMillan, BA(hons) psychology, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, member Philadelphia Association

Nicola Miller, Body psychotherapist, IPN

Dr Martin Milton, CPsychol, AFBPsS, UKCP Reg. Chartered Counselling Psychologist and UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. BPS Registered Psychologist Specialising in Psychotherapy

Paul Moloney, Counselling Psychologist

Loretta Monaco, Member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research and a psychoanalytic practitioner

Madeleine Moore, Dip. Couns., MAC, WorkScales Ltd

Shobhika Moreau, Body psychotherapist trained at Open Centre under the guidance of Silke Ziehl

John Morris, PG Cert Sup, MA Couns., teaching Fellow, University of Manchester, tutor MA in Couns., Director PG Certificate in Supervision

Monique Morris, Guild of Psychotherapists, UKCP registered

Richard Mowbray, Personal growth facilitator, the Open Centre, London. Author of 'The Case Against Psychotherapy Registration: A Conservation Issue for the Human Potential Movement' (Trans Marginal Press, 1995)

Nina Muller, AIP, UKCP

Stephen Munt, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, UKCP Psychotherapist, Former Chair, BPS Division of Counselling Psychology, Senior Lecturer Psychotherapy, Counselling & Counselling Psychology, Roehampton University

Edna Murdoch, (Accredited Psychotherapist, 1985 – 1995) Founder: Coaching Supervision Academy - The Coaching Supervision Specialists

Christopher Murray, Dip. Counselling, MA Counselling MBACP Senior Accredited counsellor/psychotherapist BACP, accredited supervisor UKRC- registered independent practitioner

Mark Murray, Counsellor & trainer

Arthur Musgrave, Member of Western Valleys IPN Full Member Group, and BACP accredited counsellor and supervisor

Seamus Nash, Person-Centred Psychotherapist,PG Dip/MA Counselling; PGDip Psych, PGCE; PhD Student, BAPCA member

Carol Naughton Cambridge Society for Psychotherpy. Psychotherapist in private practice.

Noel Nowosielski, NLP practitioner

Chris Oakley, Psychoanalyst

Haya Oakley, Psychoanalyst. UKCP reg. psychotherapist, Guild of Psychotherapists, Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, The College of Psychoanalysts and College of Psychoanalysis

Sue Orton, coach and consultant IPN

Nicole Paice, Relationship counsellor

Will Parfitt, Psychotherapist (UKCP)

Ian Parker, Professor of Psychology, Psychoanalyst (member of College of Psychoanalysts, CFAR and LSNLS).

Rob Parkinson, Human Givens counsellor and author. Former chair, Society for Storytelling

Linda Partridge, B.Sc., DHypPsych(UK) - hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner.

Gary Pass, M.Sc., researcher-practitioner, organisational change

Katrina Patterson, Sessional Lecturer in NLP, FCE, Birkbeck College, London; NLP trainer and hypnotherapist

Stephen Paul, Director, Centre for Psychological Therapies, Leeds Metropolitan University

Martin Payne, BA, Cert. Ed., Diploma in Counselling (Counsellor in Primary Care and Private Practice; Author of 'Narrative Therapy: an Introduction for Counsellors' (Sage Publications, 2nd edition, 2006)

Keith Pearce, Body psychotherapist in private practice for 20 years

Hara Pepeli, Psychoanalyst

Philippa Perry, UKAHPP UKCP psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice

Maggie Peters Psychotherapist, UKCP Accredited., Dreamwork Trainer, Tutor CPD, Director Insight into Action Ltd

Keith Pickstock, UKCP registered psychosynthesis practitioner in private practice, currently a tutor on an accredited Postgraduate Diploma Counselling course.

Linda Porter, registered MBACP, Cognitive Therapist with training also in Person Centred Therapy. Proprietor of 'Sunshine Project' in Kings Lynn taking counselling and psychotherapy into the rural areas of Norfolk.

Denis Postle, ARCA, NDD, DHP (IDHP). Psychotherapy, counselling, facilitation, supervision, IPN

Elmer Postle, SOURCE process and breath worker

Mrs Sally Potter, Independent practitioner and personal development specialist

Marianna Potterton, Trained counsellor and have been training with CFAR for ten years.

Andrew Powell, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, BCP and UKCP accredited

Werner Prall, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, member of the Guild of Psychotherapists

Lee Preisler, Relational psychotherapy & couple counselling

Toni Tye Preisler, Relational psychotherapy & couple counselling

Georgina Pye, B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology, member BPS, HG.Dip

Susan Quilliam, BA Hons, MNLP, advice columnist for, Top Sante, that's life magazines,,,, member of British Association of Sexual and Relationship Therapy, Member of the Association of Family Therapy, Associate Member of Royal Society of Medicine

Dr. Leon Redler, Psychotherapist (Philadelphia Association, Just Listening)

Simona, Revelli, UKCP registered Psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. Works analytically in private practice and for King's College Hospital NHS Trust, London. Is a member of the Site, SEA, and RCSPC, and an affiliate member of CFAR

Gail Rhodes, RGN and bereavement counsellor

Andrew Richardson, HG.Dip.P. Human Givens practitioner

Sue Rodrigues, Counsellor and supervisor for a number of charitable organisations

Peter Roberts, Person-centred counsellor, in private practice for over 15 years

Jim Robinson, Counsellor/psychotherapist

Julia Robinson, Teacher

Mike Robinson, UKRC registered, FDAP accredited, counsellor and supervisor

Sam Robinson, MBACP

Amanda Rogers, Trainee psychotherapist

Andy Rogers, Counsellor in Further Education, BACP member

Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, UKCP psychotherapist, UK & Israel

Alan Rowan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

Dr John Rowan, BA, Ph.D., MAHPP, FBPsS, FBACP

Chris Rudyard, trainee person centred psychotherapist

Jan Russell, Counselling Coordinator in Youth Projects and independent counsellor and supervisor

Jo Russell-Smith. Meridian Energy Psychology (EFT, PSYCH-K,EmoTrance), NLP + Lifecoach

Mary-Jayne Rust, Jungian analyst

Dr Angella M J Ryan, Psychotherapist, counsellor. systemic practitioner. Private practice.

Catherine Ryan, MA (Organisational Analysis & Behaviour), process designer and facilitator, organisational consultant and accompanier to voluntary (religious) organizations

Pete Sanders, Retired counsellor, lecturer and supervisor

Em Sawday, MBACP accredited counsellor, Relate trained, 26 years experience of counselling and training. Now work independently and in The Rainbow Centre, Bristol

Anna Sawkins, Sweet Cures of York

Maureen Schild, UKCP registered psychotherapist. supervisor and trainer trained at Instituted of Psychosynthesis and Regent's College, London

Peter Schofield, Psychotherapist, accredited with UKCP

Karin Schunemann, B.A., Bodyworker, trained with Silke Ziehl and Jack Painter in DeepBodywork and Postural Integration, massage certification

Bruce Scott, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D,. Psychologist, trainee psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Philadelphia Association, London

Vivien Scott, Counsellor in private practice, Student Tutor at Psychosynthesis and Education Trust

Pam Shahlavi, Counsellor using an Integrative model, IPN (Manchester).

Barbara Shannon, Person-Centred Counsellor and Supervisor, University Counsellor, MBACP Accredited Counsellor

Donna Shirfield-Horstead, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Robin Shohet, Coach & Consultant

Peter Silvien, Psychotherapist, family and business coach Graduate of Human Givens Institute;Certified NLP Coach

Richard Sloan, Careline counsellor for national charity Diabetes, UK, National registered male sexual assault counsellor - accredited by national charity Survivors UK, Integrative psychosynthesis ; counsellor in private practice

Paul Smith,

Ray Smith, Quantity Surveyor

Gary Spence, Professional Mental Health Advocate

Anthony Stadlen, Existential psychotherapist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, member of SEA, AIP, LCP, SPCRC. UKCP Reg, BPC Reg. Independent Member of International Federation for Daseinsanalysis. In practice since 1970. Convenor of Inner Circle Seminars since 1996. Honorary Visiting Fellow, SPCRC. Former Research Fellow, Freud Museum, London. Recipient of Thomas S. Szasz Award for outstanding services to civil liberties, 2003.

Frederick Stanwood, Ph.D., psychoanalyst

Michael Steadman, BSc ABACBP Dip.psy Clinical Psychologist

Didi McCrea Steele, Person Centred Counsellor in private practice.

Lindsay Stevens, Counsellor, Spiritual Counsellor, and Interfaith Minister

Eva Stolte, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy

Rev. Jan Storey, Interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor Relate trained relationship therapist

Rebecca Street, Demonstrator in Psychology, Roehampton University

Joseph Suart, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Guild of Psychotherapists; UKCP registered; member the College of Psychoanalysts – U K.

Marguerite Sweeney, Psychotherapist in training

John Talbut, Psychotherapist and personal development trainer

Patricia Talmage, MBACP, Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist, Co-counsellor, IPN Oxford Group, private practice in South Oxfordshire

Stephen Tame, Child counsellor and psychotherapist

Maggie Taraz, Psychotherapist, Teacher of the Alexander Technique Currently setting up an Adoption Support Agency - 'Adoption Concerns’, IPN

Maureen Taylor, MSC, UKCP, MBACP (Snr Accred), DipN.)

Barbara Terris, Associate Member of CFAR

Phil Thomas, DipPC, DipLC, Dip Hyp, BBNLP, M.NLP, MAEPH, PBH.Personal Development Consultant.

Sandra Thomas, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist.Supervisor, trainer & practitioner in private practice. Adult psychotherapist in NHS.

Ian Thomson, Human Givens practitioner (psychotherapy/counselling) in private practice.

Brian Thorne, Emeritus Professor of Counselling, Fellow BACP, BAPCA.

Carol Tindall, Counsellor & Director M.Sc. in Psychology and Counselling, MMU

Val Todd, BSc (Hons.), MSc, Senior Lecturer Counselling and Psychotherapy, RCTE, Roehampton University, psychotherapist in private practice. MBACP accredited, UKRC, UKCP.

Paul Tootall, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor, MBACP, CQSW Liverpool Poly Adv. Dip Couns. (Man Univ BACP accred.) Specialities: Hospice, PTSD, Staff Care. Private Practice - 7 years, LA/Soc Services Specialist 28 years

Dr Paul Tosey, School of Management University of Surrey

Heather Townsend, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Deborah Troop, IACP and IAP plus the Irish Family Therapy Association, Ireland

Rebecca Turner, Bodyworker/Postural Integrator/Bodypsychotherapist

Gyan Tyagi, IPN psychotherapist, associate lecturer, counselling Trainer & Co-ordinator

Eleanor Tyrrell, B.Sc. Psychology [Hons] Mindfields College

Ivan Tyrrell, Principal, MindFields College Director of Human Givens Institute

Dev Vaidya, Psychotherapy trainee, London

Mark Valente, Clinical hypnotherapist D.Hyp MBSCH

Philippa Vick, CTP, Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist

Diana Voller, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, MBACP, Visiting Lecturer Roehampton University.

David Wasdell, Director, Meridian Programme,

Shad Woolgrove, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Clinical supervisor

Dr Jay Watts, Clinical Psychologist, South London & the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Rob Waygood, UKCP registered psychotherapist. Lecturer in psychotherapy.

Sabine Weigmann-Adams, Trainer and coach

Nigel Wellings, AIP, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Lindsay Wells, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, AGIP, AIP, UKCP registered

Jean White, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Jill Whiteford, BSc Hons, PGCE, PG Dip and MA Counselling. School based counsellor and counsellor in Primary Care

Eric Whitton, Psychotherapist & lecturer, UKAHPP

Diana Williams, Psychotherapist in private practice for the last 25 years, UKCP registered, MBACP senior accredited.

Paul A. Wilby, M.A. Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor/Peer Consultant, Counselling Manager

Gillian Wilce, psychotherapist, Guild of Psychotherapists

Cathrin Wildwood, Person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist

Joan Wilmot, Psychotherapist & Supervisor

Celia Wilson, Facilitator, educator

Chris Wilson, Psychotherapist and focusing practitioner in private practice

Denise Winn, Therapist in private practice, working from the human givens approach

Peter Woods, Counsellor Cert. & Dip. Counselling HG Diploma

Catherine Woodward, Behaviour Therapist, Arturo Consulting

Anne Worthington, Guild of Psychotherapists

Fran Wulf, NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer (Inlpta) CPCAB certified counsellor. Occupation: Holistic Health Care including Counsellor.

Anthony Wuyts, Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in full time private practice since 1986 NHC Clinic

Charlotte Yonge, PhD, Teacher/Trainer in Creative Arts and Play Skills, Creative Arts Life Coach, Bristol.

Sarah Young UKCP Reg. C. Psychol Existential psychotherapist

Silke Ziehl, Psychotherapist, the Open Centre, London

Highly recommended
seven videos of keynote presentations and Q&A sessions from the 2009 Alliance for counselling and psychotherapy aginst State Regulation Conferences on State regulation and Principled Non-Compliance with HPC regulation

Compliance? Ambivalence? Rejection?
Nine Papers Challenging The Health Professions Council 2009 proposals for the state regulation of the psychological therapies
Edited by Richard House and Denis Postle

eIpnosis review of HPC Standards of proficiency for counselling and psychotherapy
A Tick-Box Doxology?
eIpnosis cultural overview of HPC Standards of proficiency for counselling and psychotherapy
eIpnosis review of the PLG Recommendations for State regulation ofthe Psychological Therapies:

A Response to the HPC's July 2009 PLG Recommendations for the Regulation of Counsellors
by Guy Gladstone

The PLG's Proposals for the Statutory Regulation of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Dr Richard House

Vorauseilender Gehorsam (anticipatory obedience)
Reflections on the British Assocation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists preparations for life in a post-regulated counselling landscape more

with Health Professions Council Regulation
a eIpnosis video interview with Dr Richard House 17mins

eIpnosis Editor 'Named and Shamed' - Vichy Revisited
eIpnosis marks what may be the last of meeting of the Health Profession Council's Professional Liaison Group [PLG] with a further account of the parallels between the PLG's rolein the capture of psychological therapies by the state and the WW2 Vichy government of France.

Seven Lords
A 'Leaping
State Regulation of Psychologists:
Lords Seal Terms of Armistice
May 5th, 2009
eIpnosis report

Refusenik Therapists Defy Health Professions Council
An Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy Against State Regulation launched January 12th DETAILS

A petition against HPC regulation, currently signed by over 1900 practitioners, take it past 2000

The State V Mr Gale
- the first three days
This iconic Health Professions Council [HPC] ‘fitness to practise’ hearing is the first to feature a UK psychotherapist, Derek Hirsh Gale. Mr Gale, a practitioner with a decades long practice, is defending himself against allegations of exploitation and abuse of power.
An eIpnosis Report by Denis Postle

The inaugural meeting of the Health Professions Council Professional Liaison Group for Counselling and Psychotherapy Regulation. December 4 2008
Administering the Kiss of Death - A Vichy Moment
eIpnosis REPORT

Health Professions Council Call for Ideas
an archive of responses

Health Professions Council announce composition of the Professional Liaison Group [PLG]
List of members

Counselling in Primary care - Make-over mania?
eIpnosis in conversation with a Primary Care counsellor

AN AUTUMN SPECIAL FROM WESLEY TANTRUM an ornithology of state regulation

report of a meeting on October 3rd between eIpnosis and Marc Seale, CEO of the Health Professions Council more

Details of a meeting, between HPC's Mark Seale and the College of Psychoanalysts (Darian Leader and Jacques China) here

Notes of a meeting between HPC's Mark Seale and Arthur Musgrave, Andrew Samuels and Nick Totton here

Towards Post-professional Practice: Principled Non-Compliant Practitionership in a Post-Regulation Era
by Richard House

Skills for Health and National Occupational Standards for Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Therapy
by Arthur Musgrave

Report from a public hearing of the 'fitness to practice' panel at the Health Professions Council
5 November 2008,
by Janet Low

Moving to Post-Professional Practice

Honouring the Psychological Commons:
Peer to Peer Networks and Post-Professional Practice

Civic Accountability for Psychological Work:
a Peer to Peer Network Approach