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Chairs of Section Assessment Boards
Chairs of Training Standards Committees
and Chairs of Sections (for information)
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10th December 2007

Dear Chair of Section Assessment Board or Committee,
Dear Chair of Section Training Standards Committee,

Highest Priority: Consultation Exercise
(Mock) Application by UKCP to HPC

On behalf of the UKCP, James Antrican has been in dialogue with BACP, BPC and BABCP in order to find the best way for the professions of psychotherapy and counselling to approach forthcoming regulation by HPC. The group agreed that each national organisational body will undertake to complete a MOCK Application for New Professions Membership of the HPC.

The purpose of the exercise is to allow the professions of psychotherapy and counselling as a whole to identify any areas of challenge in the application process for professions and for us to work together to find solutions to meet these challenges.

This has now become a work of HIGHEST PRIORITY because:

The Road Map for Statutory Regulation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists by the HPC has been put forward to go the HP Council Meeting of 13th December 2007 for agreement to establish a Professional Liaison Group (PLG) in July 2008. The Chair UKCP, the Chair Standards Board, a member of the Board of Trustees and the UKCP Consultant on Regulations will attend the meeting on 13th December 2007.

The HPC PLG will be preceded by three months of research by the HPC Policy and Standards Department. This brings into being the reality of UKCP as a national organisation being potentially placed onto the register of HPC professions and the negotiations on how the UKCP registers will be handled.

In light of the above, UKCP would like each Section’s Assessment Board / Committee and Training Standards Committee go to the HPC website, download the application form and guidance notes documents for new professions and complete this form on behalf of the Modality / Modalities which the Section represents, to the best that you are able at this stage.

The Application for Regulation of a New Profession by the Health Professions Council and the Guidance for Occupations Considering Applying for Regulation by the Health Professions Council can be found at

You will see the following halfway down the page on the website, please click on these (on the website) to download the application and the guidance notes for application.

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HPC_new_profession_guidance_notes Adobe PDF Document 61kb
HPC_new_professions_application_form Adobe PDF Document 66kb

Please note, for this exercise you are to fill out ONE form only for each Section, whether or not the Section incorporates more than one approach. The mock application is to be completed with reference to the titles that we aspire to have recognised for statutory registration purposes.

This mock application work allows the Section and the UKCP as a whole to take a “first pass” at identifying any challenges in order to address these at sectional and central levels as soon as we can.

By undertaking this mock exercise and comparing our experiences across sections, it will allow UKCP and the other national organisations to approach the HPC investigation into the Statutory Regulation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists in an informed, consistent and cohesive manner.

Please note that the mock application process does not have to be done perfectly - that is, you may find that there are areas you cannot complete and / or you are unsure what information to put in on that part of the form.

If you need to convey information about the form you can return it with an accompanying email detailing the section number on the form and the question with which you have had difficulty. State your difficulty or question on the form and in your accompanying email. For example, “Section 13 CPD. Should Section include xyz in this part of the form?”

The mock application exercise is intended to give each section / modality area a chance to identify and address particular issues that could arise in the process of being assessed by HPC for suitability for statutory regulation. At this stage it is important to note what can be filled in easily and to highlight what needs more thinking, work and support to be clarified. This work will be co-ordinated centrally so that an organisation-wide perspective can be maintained whilst attending to the particular concerns of, and support needed by, each UKCP Section.

The deadline for completing and sending the mock form back to UKCP is 14th January 2008.

The mock application form, (with the Section clearly stated on the form in the boxes marked Name of Main Contact) should be returned by email to James Antrican and Carmen Ablack, c/o Claire Slaney in the UKCP Office.

The email address for Claire is as follows:
Claire’s telephone number: xxxx xxx xxxx.

Any questions about the completion of the form should be directed through Claire to Carmen Ablack, Chair of Standards Board. Claire will gather your questions and feed these back to Carmen for an answer. Claire will also co-ordinate the gathering together of forms and their accompanying emails to James and the rest of the team that will manage the UKCP experience and learning from this mock exercise.

In light of the proactive approach now being pursued by HPC to Statutory Regulation of the professions of Psychotherapy and Counselling, we think it is necessary for the Sections of UKCP and the UKCP centrally to continue the work of pulling together to ensure all our registrants are regulated. Thank you in advance for your work on this very important exercise.

With Kind Regards


Carmen Joanne Ablack

Chair of Standards Board and
Chair of Training Standards Committee

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

UKCP, BACP, BABCP and BPC - announce 'MOCK' Application for New Professions Membership of the HPC

eIpnosis has reported a time or two on the desperation that has seized some, if not all of the officials of the mainstream accrediting bodies. They are on the way to getting their wish to be regulated by the state but not, it becomes day by day more obvious, in the form they had wished for.

Their wish to wed the fox and move into the henhouse with her,1 is now being hurried along by the Department of Health and the HPC.

As of today, 13th December 2007, having discovered that it is unexpectedly short of work, the HPC administration, has asked for permission from the Council to actively progress regulation of counselling and psychotherapy. (No mention of psychoanalysis) See these Council meeting notes for the details.

If the council agrees with itself, then liason groups with the mainstream accrediting bodies to iron out any little local discrepancies between 'title' and the actualité on the ground will start to deliberate next Summer. eIpnosis wanted to say 'collaborate', occupying forces can usually find someone who is prepared to help them. But we remind ourselves that this is an insurgency that a majority of you have wished for.

Having presumably got wind of the impending HPC conversation with itself today seeking a 'yes' to finding employment for its potentially idle hands, the main stream accrediting bodies appeared to have suffered a panic attack. They have announced to each other (see below) that they will play with regulation through building Mock aspirant profession applications. Presumably to see what ethical stress points have to be massaged to get their proficiencies through the eye of some 'fitness to practise' needle.

Desperation is certainly in order, but a desparate sadness. How can psychological therapists, supposedly savvy to such matters as group dynamics, be so dumb as to sign up to arrangements that will see them eventually rival the teaching professions as pawns in the government's blame machine.

If you are a BACP, UKCP, BPS, or even a BABCP registrant, it may be time (perhaps yet another last time) to sit up and take notice of what is being done on your behalf.

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