Regulating the Psychological Therapies - From Taxonomy to Taxidermy Denis Postle





INTRODUCTION: Protecting the Client Experience

PART I Waking up to the Shadow of Professionalisation

Stealing the Flame

Glacier Reaches Edge of Town

Resisting Psychotherapy Registration

How Does the Garden Grow?

Psychopractice for a Post-modern Era?

The Alchemists’ Nightmare: Gold into lead—the annexation of psychotherapy in the UK

The Rush to Professionalise: Hidden agendas

Review of Complaints and Grievances in Psychotherapy by Fiona Palmer Barnes

Regulation … By Order

Statutory Regulation: Shrink-wrapping psychotherapy

Protecting the Client’s Experience: A user guide to psychopractice

PART II Couch Wars: Defending the Walled Gardens of Professional Eden

Psychoanalysts Attempt a Regulatory Coup

Conversations About Power

Registering the Psychotherapy Bill

Registering Human Nature

Domineering, Sexist, Archaic: A Psychotherapy bill?

Psychotherapy Bill ‘Bombshell’

Fear as a Psychotherapeutic Organising Principle?

Old Drawings in New Colours: The Statutory Regulation of Psychotherapy (continued)

First Quarter 2005 Developments in UK Psychopractice

An Established Church of False Promises

Psychopractice Accountability: A practitioner ‘full-disclosure list’

PART III State Regulation of Counselling and Psychotherapy:

The End game? From Taxonomy to Taxidermy: mapped… measured… captured… and stuffed?

Rowing Away from the Statutory Regulation of Psychotherapy

UKCP/BACP Mapping Research on Psychotherapy and Counselling: Initial Mapping Project for the Department of Health

Roles, Competencies and Complacency: Mapping the Territory of Psychotherapy and Counselling with the Department of Health

What Counts as Evidence? From Survival and Recovery to Flourishing—a Residential Cooperative Inquiry, May 1998

Accountability for Client–Practitioner Relationships in UK Psychopractice

Roles Analysis, Expropriation, Exclusion and Evidence

UKCP’s Love Affair with the State: The Second Decade—Science as Decoration

The UKCP is Our Shepherd, We Shall Not Want …

The Regulation Journey: From Taxonomy to Taxidermy

The Penny’s Dropped

An Historic Moment?

Guilt Hardens the Heart?

CONCLUSION: Chickens to Wed Fox and Live in Henhouse?

POSTSCRIPT: Diagnosing Rogue Status