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26th March 2001 text
text Health Professions Council
Department of Health proposals
13th March 2001
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In response to an enquiry asking whether consultations on the Health Professions Council would:

a) take account of the many psycho-practitioners who don't see themselves as in any way related to medicine.

b) include the Independent Practitioners Network.

Anne Richardson, Senior Advisor, responded as follows:

'.....the Government's response to the Private Members Bill introduced Lord Alderdice. You know that the government has decided not to support the Bill. However despite their opposition to this as the vehicle, Lord Hunt has made it clear he believes there are good reasons to believe that better regulation of psychotherapy practice is needed.

The government believes that statutory registration using the powers of the Health Act is the most appropriate way to deal with the regulation of psychotherapists, counselors and other related groups. As you may know, consultation has been taking place on an Order under Section 60 of the Health Act 1999 to replace the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1960. If adopted, this would create a new federal and multi-disciplinary Health Professions Council with the power to extend its remit to the other groups not currently registered.

However, I hope I can reassure you that the approach proposed by the Government through the Health Act will involve full consultation with all stakeholders prior to publication of any draft order. The Health Act contains a number of such safeguards, including affirmative resolution procedures in both Houses.

Lord Hunt has asked officials to take forward work on consultation with all stakeholders. I am happy to confirm that we will include your organization in our communications, and I will be in touch in due course about ho we propose to do this.'

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