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November 27th 2003

PCCS Books

Ethically Challenged Professions: Enabling Innovation and Diversity in Psychotherapy and Counselling

This anthology assembles 30 contributions, many by prominent international figures in the field, which both challenge a number of psychotherapy and counselling's most inhibiting, taken-for-granted assumptions, and offer cutting-edge, innovative visions and examples of the form and substance of an ethically mature, post-professionalised therapy practice.

Richard House and Yvonne Bates, Editors.

Contributors:Contributors: John Heron (foreword), Arnold Lazarus, Anna Sands, David Smail, Nikolas Rose, Stephen Pattison, Colin Feltham, Petruska Clarkson, Vivien Burr and Trevor Butt, Richard House, Yvonne Bates, Nick Totton, Michael Whan, Brian Thorne, Dan Hogan, Denis Postle, Gari Tomkins, Natalie Simpson, Harlene Anderson, John Freestone, Nicky Hart, John Kaye, Gael Rowan, Art Bohart and Karen Tallman, Ernesto Spinelli, Dharmavidya David Brazier, Rosie Alexander, Ian Parker (afterword).

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